The Friends of Pinn Meadows


Draft Objection

I/we write to object in the strongest possible terms to an application by the occupants of 5 River Close to adopt as their property an area of Council owned land to the rear of their back garden.

The site forms an integral part of an extensive area of designated green space known as Kings College Playing Fields or Pinn Meadows, transferred in the late 1930s to Council ownership by the historic landlords, Kings College, Cambridge.

The transfer made clear the College’s intention that the land should be used for recreation by the residents of Ruislip generally, not for the profit or enjoyment of individuals, local or otherwise.

Neither the surreptitious erection some years ago of a low wire fence among the brambles and bracken at the field margin, barely visible from the open field, nor the more recent felling of trees and clearing of undergrowth, should give grounds for adverse possession of land which, effectively, belongs to all the residents of the Borough.

If approved, such an encroachment would set an unacceptable precedent, leading to serious degradation of this amenity properly enjoyed for team sport, individual relaxation and enjoyment of the environment by residents and visitors alike.

I/we urge the Land Registry to reject the application as having no legal foundation and being an inappropriate alteration to this Green Chain area which is scheduled to be listed as Metropolitan Open Land under Hillingdon Council’s Local Plan.

Objections should be sent by e-mail to:-

or to:- The Land Registry, Coventry Office,55 Butts Road, Coventry CV1 3BH