The Friends of Pinn Meadows

Friends of Pinn Meadows is a resourceful and energetic residents’ group dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the open green spaces and river banks between Elmbridge Drive and Bury Street, Ruislip in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

The group was originally formed to oppose the construction of a second artificial grass hockey pitch, with ugly high fences and intrusive floodlights amid the grassland, trees and river bank of King’s College Playing Fields.

Without losing our campaigning spirit, Friends of Pinn Meadows now work closely with Hillingdon Council’s Green Spaces team to ensure the free enjoyment of the Meadows by all local people. map

Friends of Pinn Meadows


Well done to our team who braved Storm Brian to ensure we had a very productive working party.  

Twelve volunteers joined Hillingdon Council Countryside and Conservation Officer Dragana Knezevic and three professionals from the Blue Sky squad to install the new wildlife habitats - a kingfisher nest box in the river bank and three bat boxes in two large oak trees.

Highlight of the session was the setting up of a concealed wildlife camera.

NEW WILDLIFE CAMERA INSTALLED (Click here for 6 Min Video)

The wild life camera proved an instant success with a wide range of birds and animals recorded visiting the riverside and a branch spanning the stream.  

Over two weeks the camera recorded - fox, egret, moorhen, robin, squirrel, wren, blue tit. mistlethrush, blackbird, magpie, woodpecker, house sparrow, tawny owl, pigeon -and at last the elusive kingfisher.