The Friends of Pinn Meadows
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Following a period of torrential rain the evening of Wednesday 22 June, residents around the Meadows woke up on Thursday morning to extensive flooding, not only across the fields but in adjacent streets, in many gardens, and in several houses - calling into question the effectiveness of measures to control run-off from Park Wood.  Below the bridge near Brook Drive and the nearby new drainage pond

Encroachment Threat Lifted

In October last year the occupants of 5 River Close have withdrawn their application to adopt as their property an area of Pinn Meadows to the rear of their garden.

A massive thank you to the members who alerted FoPM to the problem, to the scores of members and other residents who wrote to complain, and in particular those who wrestled with the complexities of the Land Registry’s off-putting system for dealing with objections.

There can be no doubt that the clamour of disapproval which arose in response to hearing of what was proposed, together with decisive action by Councillors and Officers, went a long way to head off a project which could have set an unacceptable precedent.  Well done.