The Friends of Pinn Meadows

Friends of Pinn Meadows is a resourceful and energetic residents’ group dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the open green spaces and river banks between Elmbridge Drive and Bury Street, Ruislip in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

The group was originally formed to oppose the construction of a second artificial grass hockey pitch, with ugly high fences and intrusive floodlights amid the grassland, trees and river bank of King’s College Playing Fields.

Without losing our campaigning spirit, Friends of Pinn Meadows now work closely with Hillingdon Council’s Green Spaces team to ensure the free enjoyment of the Meadows by all local people. map



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Last Working Party of 2019 & the AGM

2 November 2019 meeting

 - pulling up bulrushes

The last Working Party of 2019 took place on Saturday 7 December, with the team raking more bulrushes plus other plants and debris from the flood alleviation ditches.

The morning ended with the regular coffee and biscuits, and the award of a massive bunch of flowers to Countryside and Conservation Officer Dragana Knezevic, who makes all FoPM’s projects both practical and enjoyable.

AGM  The AGM took place on Monday evening 9 December in the Cricket Club room with a slightly larger group of Members and supporters than previously. The Minutes for the previous year were approved and Chairman Rob Cousins read a list of the events and activities up to December 2019.  It was agreed that the existing committee members would remain in place.

The accounts were approved and it was agreed that the membership fee would remain at £5 unless any issues should arise requiring finance. Two issues were then briefly discussed.

Cricket Club There is concern over the project by Ruislip Cricket Club, Ruislip Rangers Football Club and Ruislip Running Club to build a larger pavilion in place of that of the Cricket Club, and use the new building for activities beyond those currently undertaken by the three existing member clubs.  

It is proposed to change the Running Track. Drainage and other intrusions would obstruct the flora and fauna. Rob Cousins agreed to set up a meeting with the relevant club chairmen.

11 and 15 Elmbridge Drive On 12 November a resident wrote to remind us of this “blatant land grab which happened this spring, but clearing the trees happened in 2018”. Jeff Colman replied “I see the resident has sent this to Green Spaces already.” 

It was agreed we should find out how Green Spaces are getting on with this issue and add our support to any LBH action to dissuade any encroachment as we did on the previous try by the River Close resident.

Cllr David Simmonds  The latter part of the meeting was taken up by a talk by Cllr David Simmonds, Deputy Leader of the Council, ward member for Ickenham, and prospective Conservative candidate. Cllr Simmonds was clearly interested the work of volunteers in support of Green Spaces staff.

Later discussion led to agreement between Cllr Simmonds and Green Party candidate Sarah Green , who had joined the meeting earlier, over broader conservation issues including HS2 and the Third Runway at Heathrow.

On 12 December Conservative David Simmonds became MP for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner.