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Friends of Pinn Meadows is a resourceful and energetic residents’ group dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the open green spaces and river banks between Elmbridge Drive and Bury Street, Ruislip in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

The group was originally formed to oppose the construction of a second artificial grass hockey pitch, with ugly high fences and intrusive floodlights amid the grassland, trees and river bank of King’s College Playing Fields.

Without losing our campaigning spirit, Friends of Pinn Meadows now work closely with Hillingdon Council’s Green Spaces team to ensure the free enjoyment of the Meadows by all local people. map


A BAT WALK on Friday 13?  As it turned out this was an auspicious day for a Bat Walk which which was a great success, despite our not actually seeing many bats!

They were there though, as witnessed by the numerous bat monitors wielded by an eager group of some two dozen residents of all ages.

The event, was preceded by a presentation from Friends of Pinn Meadows Chairman Rob Cousins showing the variety of birds and animals

captured recently by the group’s wildlife camera set up at strategic positions along the river bank - details top right of this column.

Afterwards, a long muddy walk in the dark ended around the pond a move to the river bank concluded with a clatter and chatter of bats on the monitors, and at least one bat seen flying high among the branches of a nearby tree.

Natural Flood Management makes sense because a significant contributor to flooding the fields is run-off from the woods. The River Pinn overflows its banks relatively infrequently so if the woods run-off were slowed the more regular incursions could be allowed to dissipate without causing serious damage.

The Embankment idea seems fine provided that it can be integrated with the natural environment of the fields where it might be sited. It needs to meet with the agreement of both the residents immediately affected and of those who are interested in the overall surroundings of the meadows. We need to know how high it would be, what it would be made of, and how it might look.

The Flood Storage idea is not practical and would needlessly mar the amenity of the area where it is proposed to be sited. It is not practical because, being water meadows, the water table is near the surface, so any substantial excavation is more than likely to fill with water well before any flood - as demonstrated by the ponds and ditches already dug by Hillingdon Council and currently full of frogs and newts.

For more information see key pages (here) of the Environment Agency’s River Pinn and Cannon Brook Flood Reduction Consultation which closed on 9 April. If you were unable to use the on-line form e-mail the  EA quoting the Consultation referred to above.      Martin Cartwright, Secretary, FoPM

EA Flood Risk Proposals for E Ruislip


Starting at the usual time of 10.30 at the Skate Park gate in King’s College Road. Tasks will be hedge and river clearing and litter picking.

Also POND DIPPING & RIVER FLY MONITORING starting at 11.00 am.  See what creatures live in the Pinn Meadow Pond and in the River Pinn. Please wear wellies.  BOOKING ESSENTIAL e-mail